Here it goes again...

it's Holiday again. For so long waiting. but of course it's going to be compact with all the work..

oh dear...good for you dale. i need a refreshment. it was totally disaster being there. at school. i'm not telling that my school is bad, but it just that i can't stand being in a weird condition. being hated by many and loves by just a quarter. can  you imagine it? i really can't figure them up. 

org ckp, no need to ksh. but i can't stop from thinking. "they" tell bad things about the students of my school. although not all of the student there are naughty, but they accused generally, as simple as, "they". WTF!.(NOT!)

but, that's what live is. we can't change other. can we?

this holiday, we gather together as one family. both my sister are around. i miss them. not that much but i hope we can have a good time together in this short holiday. I have lots of things to be done. the school had given us CCB which stand for 'cuti2x belajar'... an all-SPM-subject compiled paper. but, i think i will manage to finished them. we got +math's project folio. still am not sure what to do. it's a little complicated as i'd not read them throughly, silly me. 

what, is going again? well, it's midyear lots of occasions. but surely, i will not attend any. why they are just wasting my gold-plated time that keep on going away from me. 

I realise that i need to be more courageous in my study. i'm a little bit of lazy back then. obviously i was.

i'll try to upload pictures well soon.


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