Haha...that's how i made up my face when i open this blog haha it's full with cob's webs here..but luckily i had clean them up. bravo..

Congratulation! hua2x... slepas skian lama terupdate laa jg blog ini... well i don't hv time. and i don't hv things to be shared. now i'm fond of "rebloging" in my tumblr. got to hv one too if you don't. it's nice. seriously.

Then, about my result. not tht bad, but there are a very drastic sloop i see there..hurm, it's not good right? maybe too bad. i got #40 this time. for the 1st time i get more than 20s.. forget about it. i'll try my best again. in the future.

Being busy lately, i just came back from KL in monday. i had HKSB>>P B. Perancis. it's nice. well organised. flow swiftly. nothing bad happened. sadly, no wining this time. i know my prof was actually frustrated. she was hoping that i win petanque. last 2 years, my school won the 3rd place. and they r hoping for more than theirs last time. seriously, i'm sorry. maybe i'm not putting enough effort on it. but i really don't like someone that are fond to say whatever they like without thinking about others feeling. logik sik mun sidak ya mdh "owh jd krng pg melancong sj laa". please? i'm totally empty with this creature. to tell you guys, this creature is even more worst than me. sdah brapa kali nya pg competition, x menang spa yg pg melancong???

 fortunately, i'm still alive. i still can endure such creature. thinking about people personalities. they are marvelous. even you best friends sometimes are not that honest to you.

then got seorang lg...just now, when i went to check for my result. there was one "......" standing, putting much attention on the results for so long. and when i reached the board, it said "ko dpt number brapa? hehe" ktwa dgn sinis? do it hv to behave like "that"? seriously.

but i'm good. i'll not get hurt much just by mere humans like them. they are not qualified to be one.



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