this actually isn't about the government's dilemmas. i think that all people have their own dilemmas right? so am i. for examples:
  • do i want to buy this one or that one?
  • do i hate it or not?
  • did i'd done the right thing or not?
  • do i actually love her?
  • do i actually like her?
  • am i starving?   
see? but that are some of my dilemmas. even when going to hv a lunch, i usually think so hard for them. why do i have to make my thought so tired for thinking unimportant things? weird enough.

seeing that the word "dilemma" actually exist. meaning to say that even the older generation were experiencing the same bloody, cruel reality. people do think so hard some time. people said that the female tend to think so hard upon some stupid things often compare to guys do. why? but the fact is, the country with the female-in-control are more likely to live in a more peaceful way kind of living. but that's my opinion. you may think that i talking nonsense (NOT!) but i'm serious.

by the way, i'm actually did joking. i'm sorry for joking. urm, do people usually have to be sorry for joking? maybe sometime. i'm just releasing my stress. i miss lot's of my entertainment as i'm busy struggling for getting flying color in my studies. i'm a kind of worry. i'm not doing as such before. and lately my result were not to be mentioned. i hv lots of thinking back then, before, after, the exam. and till now i really can't figure them out. the way to deal with it. thinking the effect of such tormenting "thing". i'm scared. i don't know, but when i asked my friends for their guidance, they just answered me with a "hehe". yup, a laugh. Can you believe it. A LAUGH!. A laugh? is that the way? i wonder. 

but today i tend to feel that i had learned how.

first, We human are naturally complex. Both mental and physical. When we are mentally tormented, we often feel sick and this will make our body's system get down. We feel the sickness though they aren't any. it's just the feeling. We can decreased the sickness by telling ourselves, "I'm actually feeling great!". See what i meant?

So, i tend to tell myself that, when on earth will a teacher think that they are actually wrong? so, as a motivation, i tell my self, "they don't know what they had done", and "just let they do that to me, as they don't know that they had torment me, making me sick and sink in my world". they made my confident = zero%.

personalities that we have are different in each and everyone of us. people that understand this will often get to use with others. either bad or good. but one that can't understand this will get stressed with other like me before, such a fool i'd been. while they being extremely normal, i get to be feeling worst. i really can't think about this kind of people. they just can't realize how they had been making other sad? weird don't they? but, these are human. uniquely made. so i'm actually kind of happy.

i'll be going tomorrow. wish me good luck. please cross your finger for me luck. 



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