OK...Cheer uP!

Well then that's the spirit!

Esok blik skolah, maklumlah studying in a boarding school. Get bored of saying this, "oh no don't want to go bck laa...". But the reality is i have to. 

Lately my study were not that great. maybe some will say that they were horrible. and i just keep quiet. only "" knew how i felt. Logically, who will feel happy for the unwanted thing? 

I can't believe it, it's March. and yeah dale. it's a very short time. you have to work hard and you're not doing thing seriously before. you should had realize about it. or maybe you're just being an ignorant? don't you think?

OK..that's all. people usualy talk to me when there no other people to talk to. and i get to use to it already. lol...funny isn't? they say that i shouldn't be happy for it but. i just can take it easy. 



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