why do it have to be the same?

"hi dear"...haha actually i'm menyindir seseorang. menjadi kejam sesekali...imitating

hi guys!

oh! how time passed by. it's 15th already! k, let's see what we've got in advance.

december 10'
     23th : my cousins from sabah will come
     25th : of course..it's Christmas!

january 11'
     2th : going back to school! OMG!

see what i mean? it's going soo fast, as if i can't get hold of my self.. forget it. because that's how it should be. it's normal don't they? again, who ever say that life is fair?

but before that, i want to share something. that day we've received a parcel. do you know where it came from? well. it's from my sis! haha ko tak pnah ckp pun ko mok hntar something... heishi...btw, thnks a lot "dear"... haha still am imitating someone.. my sis sent us a parcel containing some present. they're Christmas gives actually. love you sis...we also want to sent something to her, but smpai skrang pun tak hantar2x lagi...aduuui..hehe 

but then, before anything goes on. i want to wish merry christmas. it's christmas seasons already. daa~


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