hi guys!

it's monday! and as other too will say, "what am i going to put on my post?". I don't have something interesting as i'm not so "happening". we usually say and put the cause to "monday's blues". well, why do monday be soo boring. for student of course, after a full 48 hours weekend with excitement, day will start dull, boring and some get ill too. well, that's what "usually" happen back in "my beloved school". back to my entry. but the case here is, IT IS HOLIDAY. it should have been very interesting. don't they? or can't they? or is it because that when we are getting older that we can't get the excitement? is it because when we are getting older that we have to go through a boring life? i don't think so. 

what have i done in the past few days? nothing so interesting in particular. <> i'd watched some movies back then. the stories were not so WOW. huhu..kidding. one of them was Narnia, and the other were korean. hehe..i know what you're thinking. some of them must be, "but why, this guy is nuts!". Narnia is a very old movie and he put about him watching them inside his blog. haha...i'm just kidding. it was a nice movie. you may say that i'm an ignorant of global excitement. by the way i'm deru. i'm just trying to make my post longer..by talking nonsense...hua2x...

this one entitle, "the accidental couple". 

this one, entitle "thank you". very thrilling. the story started when a boy and a girl are running in a hospital. then, the girl fall down and the drink that she is holding slip from her hand into the guy's shoe. he was a doctor there. then he get angry, the boy ask the doctor to be nice toward the girl and to say sorry. but instead, he wipe his shoe on the boy's pant. so, don't you think the story is exciting? then see them. it's not totally a love story, but a nice one to rest one's mind.

actually i have lots of thing to share. i'll start.

last 2 weeks ago, i went to west malaysia with my family. my sis was graduating see. so, we went to many GOOD places. but sadly, no shopping. not that i love shopping, but i love books. forget it. then, one of the place that we went was, Sunway lagoon! yeah..it was a great pleasure for me of course and it will be even more pleasuring if i have companion, friends, etc... well, going with people that are older than you, it's hard to describe. back to my story. then we went to lots of places, when we were waiting for our turn, queuing, for a 'mini roller coaster' i would called them, some people, or teenager, were behind me. before that, actually i'd told this story to my friend. but i really want to share them to you guys. am i wrong? i really hope that i'm not. then suddenly i heard their conversation. but this was what i remembered. i hope that you'll take is as an example of what happened nowadays. here are how they go :
guy 1 : aduuh..panas laa. korang tak rase panas ke?
guy 2 : ye laa..panas. tak sun burned ke?
lady 1 : ape laa... well, ape nak kesah? kan ade lotion ke ape ke...
guy 2 : oh ye ke?
lady2 : kalo tak ade pun kan kami org ade ni..(smbil pegang kemaluan dia di bawah) cucuk2x, letak kat muke...habs cerite...

then they hug each other. see what i meant? what is happening to the new generation nowadays? i hope that other will try not to do such thing. for me, it's horrible. but i'm not in the right position to comment on other. 'peace' should be put in our greatest care so that it will not slip into decaying. but, the funny thing here is that, what are the connection between the thing that the girl take from her "thing" with not getting sun burned? weird. really.


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