happy holiday guys! 

well, you know what? after taking a short vacation with family last week, i think that, i really had had a very good time, resting my sick, ill, non-recuperated inner self. i meant, it's about my mental problems, being stressed. To think about them, i'm extremely ashamed with myself. by telling myself, "you shouldn't had thought it in that way." Well, I'd think in that way earlier, didn't i? SO unthoughtful. But, forget it. i always behave like that and i'll try to change.  but if you have other better methods to relieve the being-stress problems, kindly share them by giving comments.

Again, happy holiday! Being in a holiday, we should be in our best condition, i'm right, isn't? I was told it to be like this. Doing a very exciting activities with family, friends. Go for a trips, camping? But it is not necessarily, be like that, do they? So, why do someone be pathetically, so sad of not going on a vacation? Weird. Of course it would be very nice going in a holiday, but we can actually do they in other better way, perhaps by not using much money instead? so, do thing according to what we can afford. 

Okay, enough of all these not-so-important-introductions, about my post today. Well, it's about my cats and kittens. Now, let see...we have 6 cats here at home. their name? Meow, meowmeow, fush-fush, cheeta, gurey and jingga. my favorite is of course jingga. my family actually is very new in this, taking-care-of-cat business. We're a busy family, so, have no time to take care of them. that was what we thought before. now, when we have them, i think that, it's not that hard to take care of them at all. Just add a little splash of love toward them. That's all. If we teach and nurse them in the right way, they can be a very good companion. 

the unknown cat

our, fush2x with the other unknown cat

this morning, after i nurse the kittens, i heard cat fierce purring. So, i went to check it out. At first, i thought, they were jingga with meowmeow, but it weren't. It was another cat. It was a male cat, see what i meant. the male cat was trying to challenge my cat authority, fush2x's territory. then one question came to my thought. "what'll happen if my cat lose a combat? will they go away?" So, in our case, the male-other-cat went away after all my cat, meow-the old mother, meow2x-the mother, and fush2x joint arm in arm to win the combat. And maybe the cat was scared of seeing me. i watched them combating just for a meter away. I found them actually weird. Why would the female-cat joint the male-cat in the combat? Thinking about it, maybe it because, my female-cat didn't like the other-cat. maybe. but still, it's weird. 

k, i think that's enough for today. i actually have nothing so exciting to tell. i'd never have one, have i? i don't think so. daa~   


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