hello guys!

many people came to my place yesterday. my uncles and aunties actually. but better not state their name. busy doing, packing parcel for 'someone'. about their visit, well, some came for good but some also came good for nothing. came by just when they are in trouble. they surely sound very immoral but it is happening. i really can't think on  how on earth do they have the strength to paksa2x on others? weird isn't. when people are not able to help them, they tell to the whole world that we are the bad guy. sooo unthoughtful. as if that we are rich people. see? i really hope that i have the guts to say these to em, "hey, go away! we don't have money and we don't give away money!".  see? we need money for our own too. me myself, instead of having a full touch screen hp, i only  have an old non-coloured hp. i really pray that God will bless them and make them realize what they had done..forget them then..these kind of people will always make people's life horrible. why? they don't even remember the helps and kind that people had given them after people don't help them for once! and even, they're our family..

but i'm used to them. 16 years of living. i understand them. to earn for a living. to survive, people will do anything. 

today, i went to the post office to complete our task. then, we went to the pet shop to buy something for our feline. i'd used my present money. that day, i'd received some money for my PMR from the PBS cwg limbang. Thank you! so i'd bought shampoo and a packet of high quality food for feline. it says there..haha don't know whether it is true.

i actually want to upload some photo but, it's going on very slow. so i'll add later.
i want to make some changes in this blog. it's weird. i don't have something to share. daa~



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