being a HyPocrite?

hello world!

i'm a little tired today. didn't have much things to do actually, but circumstance made it more exciting. haha...about my title? it's not about myself. it's actually about the other....
in the morning

i woke up early today, at 6am. WOW! what a record! I'd never wake up so early in holiday. First in the morning after i'd done my toiletry, i went to nurse my kitten, our kitten, jingga and cheeta. miss gurey is still sleeping with miss fush2x. Jingga and cheeta is sleeping inside a cage. Well, i didn't usually bring them to sleep with me. i don't have my own room at the time being, see what i meant? forget it. 

i found out that , our old lady, 'meow' gave birth to 4 new kitten inside a pail. all brown.

then, i followed fush2x after he ate his breakfast. successfully, i found out where he and miss meow2x 'lepak2x'. in the bush. our neighbour's bush.

this is our meoww2x, but she is very shy and bad-tempered nowadays. she doesn't pur around, doesn't curdle around.

i brought jingga to play. he run around seeing the world. into the bush...

outside is sunny...

jingga went exploring at the road...

See, as animal, they also learn like us, human being. So, let us together protect animal. don't torture them. okay?

Then, i went to eat at the Pearl cafe, in town. So delicious. i ate tomato fried guey teow with the tea c peng @ teh ice. Awesome. 

Actually, i was just going with my sis. Following her, helping her. till noon. Going to the north, south and back to the west. 

we went to the:
  • restaurant
  • post office
  • ppd
  • plaza
  • smk limbang

in the restaurant, i didn't take any pictures as i'm busy eating my breakfast.

post office,
  the front view


then, queuing...

ppd, i didn't followed my sis, i waited inside the car.

i saw the plaza...


logo in the fence...

then, at school. my sis school.
front view...

nice view...

urm, then, that's all.we went back home. finishing all my morning till noon. so tiring. going here and there, but not doing my activities. forget it.

okay, today i'm going to share about the hypocrite community. Well, of course it is because i don't like them. maybe i'm hypocrite too, but toward them. To be honest, i really can't take it any more. to whom it may consent, i hope you understand it. Actually, i dedicate this post specially for the teachers. Okay, let me start. It's so simple! These students, being so goooooooodd. being soooo obedient. being sooo 'bodek2x'. being very influencing. the teacher, may be very happy and like these people. i agreed, too, if i'm in their place. I may done the same too. but, as an advice. I'm the kind of pupil that don't like to be so happening like these guys. I see, look and make my conclusions. Inside my heart of course, i'm struggling not to show the annoyed feeling in my face. but not i can't stand it anymore. Back to my advice. 

"don't be so naive to believe someone. What will you do and feel when you know that these people tell bad about you, curse you behind. you don't even know. So, it doesn't meant that when the student don't go into you, affront you, say something that pleases you, that they hate you and you don't like them. maybe they just being humble. Relationship between a teacher and a student should never change. teacher is a teacher, while student is a student. It have to be that way always. when the relation change, the student will start to think that the teacher is their friend. that can be easily "crunch" by them, easily manipulated by them. then the teacher, unknowingly, believe that the student are a very good student. the teacher started to give their best treat toward the student. While, the student laaugh at them after the class. telling how funny the teacher was, telling how stupid and naive the teacher were. As i see these, only God know how i feel. i think it in other way, what if the teacher is me?"
okay, i hope that reader, especially the teacher to be very smart in making conclusion. as a student, i live, i see, i chat, with all kind of student. So don't make any conclusion by just seeing one for just one or two times. Otherwise, it'll be useless. When you hate one that you shouldn't, you make many bad assumption about them. i hope and pray that you realize the whole thing.  

urm...i think that enough for now. good night! remember to love your pet, don't torture animal, and think wisely. don't make conclusion without making a throughout research. be very thoughtful. Teacher may hate me in school, as i'm not very "happening", very "lovable". But the teacher should see this, isn't it better being honest in showing  our feeling. when you don't like something,  just show them. so, why do you like the hypocrite student? or is it because, you don't know? surely they are very expert in telling lies and giving good enchanting words. think about them.  


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