being busy, again. baju melayu?

I didn't update 'any'thing for a while. being a bit busy, yup. i know mummy, it was a good event to be involved. but, well, i guess, i don't actually content. anyway, but, i enjoyed them. maybe. btw, for sure, to let you know, i'm totally tired!

first, i went to the, majlisramahtamahprakrismas. not soo happening but what important is the objective for the event. but i, maybe, even more like it if it was done more seriously. 

it was held to connect the Christian community here. and it was a successful event. although some get wrong but the positive side was more that the negative one. the needs one get some help, all join arm in arm...i like it.

now, come to my other side.

i'm sorry if i'm offending individuals, but believe me. this is only my opinion. who will hear on what hatch-ling's said by the way..   

in my opinion, don't you think that it would be even more better if the event was held more merrier as the occasion must have been in the first place. come on, it's Christmas! 

beside that, the worst thing happened was, what happened. to those who did came to the event like i did, you'll understand me. i'm actually scared of putting them here but i'll give you some hint. it was apbocldietfigchs. we waited for the whole "noon" for that? i ask myself, "what am i doing here in the first place? didn't i go here to rejoice and have fun?" but as usually, i remind myself, "be patient...". but, as i had said, the event was good. 

got choirs..


okay, that's all about this one...let start the other,

then, yesterday, it was sunday. we went to brunei. why do we went to brunei? well, it was our cousins's wedding. father's cousin's son. that's the correct one. merlin beard, i was shocked. why? urm...well. because there are a vast community of sang jati@dusun. it's actually nearly the same as bisayas but the language is a little bit, different. but of course, they actually came from the same origin i guess. 

what's funny? okay let me start. that day, we went to my father's uncle's son's wedding. my father's cousin's wedding. i wore a red t'shirt with jeans. and do you know what happened? i felt that i'm totally weird. awkward. all used baju melayu , batik and baju kurung. only the chinese use other. do you think that i'm chinese? i felt horrible. it was my first time going to a wedding in brunei. 

so, this is my actual thing that was funny. so yesterday, to prevent being horrible, i used baju melayu! not so baju melayu laaa....look a like. i have one like it. but then when we arrived. lot's people used T' SHIRT AND ordinary, Casual outfit!!!! i felt even more horrible!! just laugh at me. fine. me too. i laugh to myself. but then when the doa makan, what happened? i made the sign of the cross! hahahahahahahah all those who saw me, made a weird look. merlin beard!


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