BBQ party - but under the sun?

Hello guys!

Quick update here. I've been really busy now. My parents want us, my sis and me, to organize a BBQ at our second home. our vacation home. i felt very lazy of doing it at first, but then all thing went greatly. my uncle and auntie M also did came to assist. surely they had helped me a lot. thank you! i hope that we can have a good time together next time. thanks to my sis for the drinks. i really enjoy them. but to tell you guys, this was the funniest thing happened. we did them at noon. Weird isn't? or will you say it as funny? haha..

By the way, tomorrow i have a very important occasion that i'll remember always. i'll be meeting someone. an appointment. i really can't wait. this is what i'd been waiting for years. i hope that my life will change and will live a blissfully life. haha..that's all for now. off to bed. daa~


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