Yeah!!!!!! After all of these hectic life. Well, it's holiday again! Can't wait on what I will be going to do next. I had not updating this blog since last month i guess. Well, quite busy with my not-so-exciting activities. By the way, do i have any choice? Rien. 

I had read some books in the mean of time. All of them, well, got something in them that opened my mind and soul.

" vain have I struggled. it will not do. my feelings will not be repressed. you must allow me to tell you how ardently i admire and love you..."

"Pride and prejudice!!! What on earth are you reading deil???" That's what the prejudice-of-reading community said and comment on me. Being in their territory, i'm used to it. but dearly i will say, it's marvelous! With all the civility, pride, gentlemen, disagreement, shock, and love. I think that, i'm going to adapt the positive side into my life. the quote above was taken from PnP. Nice.
In this while, i had made a research. In the midst of busyness, and i think that i had had what i want desperately. The objectives? Well, i just want to identify and understand the people's way of thinking. People around me, for sure. But before i start, i'll give some kind of a testimony. here is how it will go.

"in a far away land, once upon a time, there live a teacher with all his students. the teacher was actually a new teacher in that village. he was hoping that his student will be a very good, honest and obedient student. so, on the first day of his teaching, he showed a very bossy and full of pride toward his student. So, the student that were not in favour with him, they brought along with them rotten egg. the eggs will be thrown away to the new teacher. when the teacher walk along the path, going home. Suddenly, something hard and smelly hit him. he was totally shock. then, he saw his student ran away. the very next day, he didn't went directly into the class as usual, instead, he waited on the school gate for the student. but then, he wait and wait. the student didn't show off. the school principal saw him, but he didn't ask him for the thing because he already knew them. when the teacher went out of the school compound, into the student's resident. the principle followed him. the teacher arrived, the student was playing kite. he shouted, cursed and hitted the student. the principle saw these and shout,"stop!",. The teacher, trying to ask for justice, "but sir, he was the one who made this mess first, i'm just doing this for my one good.". the principle answered,"if you want to stay in my school, just do what i said. or else, you're out!". Shockly, he said, "but....but why sir? what had i any wrong? this bad student is the one that should be scold that way. the principle said, "so, if that is the case then, i'll just let you do whatever you want. but i will accept neither both of you's apology later. mark my word! you're fired!" the principle went away. the young teacher sat on the floor, thinking about what he had done."

okay, i guess that's more than enough. In you're opinion, why did the principal fired the young teacher? of course, at the time being, it would be totally unthoughtful of firing your employees easily. by the way, it's under government. So, in my opinion. why? it's because, the teacher didn't even show the characteristic of being a good and noble teacher. he made himself the same with the student. very aggressive, unthoughtful, and very bad tempered. so, who was the in wrong side? 

Going back to MY RESEARCH, this what i get. Uniquely for sure. A community with a different character. but some of them think that, it's wrong of being different while it's absolutely normal. it's just that they don't want people different than them. i really am not content with this prejudice. it's annoying my everyday life at school. Why? well, they think that they're perfect and those that are not-like-them, are stupid, not-successful, moron. I occured to me everyday!    but of course, as a well-educated son, i'm no-moron. clearly i say, I"M NOT STUPID. You may call me as hatcling just as i'm younger than you. but in my observation recently, they were even worst than a hatchling. Not just bad, they are childish!. Act just the same likethe hatchling?  so what are you? doing equally like the hatchling itself? so you darely say that you're better? very unthoughtful. I may be in silent mode, but with very good reason. I'm not doing stupidly in my life. Einstein himself had state that, "every action have their own reaction". and "it's better keep silent". Be professional! Don't curse or do something fool when dealing with a fight. but the proud-called community, while showing their not matured behaviour, easily critic me as someone useless. with no specialties. Mind if i say? I even present the school for lots of activities that need lots of confident. although that i'm not in the condition to run every direction, instead i try to be better in my own way. Own way. get it? urm, i think that i'm overly emotional. but don't misjudge me as an emo-guy. I'm not into it at all. it's just that i explodes when i'd been patient for a long while. daa~


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