being good is very good guy when to the corner of his room and he keep on asking himself, "what am i going to do when holiday come?? he keeps on wondering and wondering. Urm, "i really like to read books but i don't have money to buy new one. going to the library? urm...too boring, the books are not exciting. so what am i going to do?". then he open his laptop and mail to his sister. Both of her sister attract by his questions. but they don't want to answer because they know that it's just being useless to help him answer because they knew their brother very well. they usualy call him bull. when he want to do something they will never able to put away his wishes. due to telepathy, he also understood why his sisters don't reply to his mail, so he said, "sis, i know that you call me bull, but i'm still human right? i'm just asking." But at that time, his sisters had offline and do their other chores. so he went to meet his friend. in his way there, he think very hard and says,"even my own sister are scared to talk to me." urm... All of them fill time together at the usual place. chatting together, laughing. but when he reach, all of them stop doing their work. then all of his question star again. but all of them stay silent. he understand and he said,"i know you're calling me bull, but that's me before, now i'm a human and i'm asking you didn't i? everyone have the right to change their personality don't they? so, why can't i if i think that being like this is far more better than mine before?". all of them started to smile and share to him what they were planning to to during the holidays. he was very happy that he now can identify his negative personalities. being good is very good all the time.


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