Naaaaah...kan aku dah ckp awal2x... hua2x..

Next week, i will be sitting for my Delf A2. J'ai pere. Dengan lebih acurate lagi, pada 28 September 2010. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais je suis tres tris et j'ai pere. I'm not ready yet. But of course, i'm trying my best. There's a lot of things happen too in my life. But not that extravagant like others have. My life passes by like the water. Flowing gracefully uninterupted.

Simple things like get scold by teacher of friends are just examples of normal people will endure too. No doubt about it. Well, a ce moment, I'm very proud, PROUD with my self. Bravo Deru!! Can't have ever think about it well. Wandering about the corner of laiffvee, aku telah blajar untuk brsabar dngan sgala karenah golongan yg x rational in thinking ni...hua2x Bravo!!! eh, aku brlebih plak daaah...

Saja jak aku letak gmbar budak happy coz aku sgt happy. Exam Dianostik SBP form 4 tahun ni gak semakin mendekati. X ada kerja len selain study, study, study n terus study...Tension pun tension la...Do we have other choices? Rien! Alor? Redah jak..but, still mmg sakit gak otak pikirer fsal all les choses pour me travaille. Il y a beaucoup des choses. And I don't know which is the one that i should be attending. But, well I'll try my best..



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