Well. Speechless I may be at the end. Why? Because I really thought that this will be the end and I'd put a load of hope to know the ending either happy or sad ending of Eragon and Saphira adventure to enthrone Galbatorix. But when I read the book with my full excitement, i read, read, and read till the end Eragon and Saphira didn't met Galbatorix at all! Haha.. Frustrated with my own stupid act. Then I google for the next book, I couldn't find it. So, anyone? Is there anyone that know the title of the next book? The forth book? haha...I hope there someone that can tell me.. 

About Brisingr. Well, it's a very exciting and adventurous story of course. But for sure there are some of the plot that I like and dislike. I wished that there are more part where Eragon and Arya being together. For for me that, the part about them together is a little bit censored. Very formal. I mean, maybe because it is a for-children book. So it is very understandable. Yup. But, the story goes very good for me as I'm one of the people that put it in my must-have-list. Haha...that's all. About my earlier post, it's just something unthoughtful to be read. eu~



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