never-ending THING

okay, starting with "hi!". Been busy throughout the month. No time to rest. Am I robots? I keep questioning myself. I'm an automatic washing machine isn't? I'm not considered as human being now? Dear...

This evening, KL off to go. KL, wait for me eu...For the past month, I'd endured a tremendous difficulties. Very hard indeed. Every week with will-never-end activities. I don't know what I am. And I am very sorry to Father, that I missed Sunday mass for a month. Due to my busy. I felt sorry as I'm putting him aside. Bad son! Really.

But I'm going to blog them later when I retired from all these never-ending  things.  
When I'm busy with all these hectic  life,  my studies had been interrupted a lot. Can't imagine my life with my result. Horrible!. Okay that's all for now. eu~


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