Miri Diocese Inter-Parish 2010

HELLO, everybody... today, again for the thousands times. I guess... I just reached home from somewhere... As if that this is the style of my life. Never been demanding for the other though. Urm... ok, let me start my stories..

Last week, on the miraculous Friday. I participated the Miri Diocese Inter-Parish for the Scripture Memory Competition. There are about 40+ students or should i call it as youth joined it.  But sadly, we didn't win it, we get the 1st runner up. This was the result,

             Champion          :    Miri
             1st Runner Up    :    Limbang (us)
             2nd Runner Up   :    Bintulu

But there's no need to be sad about it. That's for sure. "Just be thankful that we are able to participate on the activities", said Uncle Nelson. these are what i remember he said... haha... And just for your highlight, the scriptures that i memorized this year and last year as well actually gave me a lot of reflection. And it really do help me in the problems that I'm in. It's making me peace-in-the-mind and they also tell me what i have to do to endure such hard problems that I'm in. But i don't know. As people says, "God knows anything for He plans everything for us and it's our job to do". At first, i don't want to participate the competition, but then now, when the activity is over, know what i feel? I'm feeling very very very, guilty. I'm guilty that I didn't do my best. Didn't do my best. But, what will we get if we feel sad now, nothing. 

The next day, i woke up early. I'm very cold because I didn't bring along my selimut. Then, i went to attend morning mass by Fr. Michael once was limbang parish priest. Then again, my competition started at 2pm. The other competitions too except for the drama competition. It was great. I meant the dramas. But actually, my comments are. I don't understand how they connect the story with the saint they were talking about. For some of the parish. But after all, again, it was great. Not that grand but just great. I am happy, satisfied. not more than that.  

But we can't judge others isn't? Well i guest, i have to change a lots. Someone ni, really do want me to do something for something. It isn't that i don't want but, do he think that I'd never been thinking about the reasons, the side effects, etc... I know what I'm doing. I'm sorry if I hurt someone, but we can't judge others. It doesn't matter if I'm not committed or what so ever, what matter here is the 'inside'. x slah kn org lain, x ckp psl org lain, etc... We must be very good in controlling our 'inside'. If we are committed, go to the church, and find our friends* to chat about people's evil. The output is, you're even worst than the people that you're talking about. Remember these. urm i reckon this is the end. ok. eu~

me with Rev. Fr. Michael after the morning mass

me in the St. Anthony Church, Bintulu

*i'll upload the pictures later...stay ttune...


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