Adau Gayo....

I woke up just now, tired. I'd been tiring myself by doing nothing at all in a hectic, busy occasion. Weird isn't? need to think about it again, I guest. In the last 3 days till yesterday, my family, especially mom & dad were busy doing their bounty job for the 'A-G-B-Bisaya 2010' a celebration or should i call it as a feast? I don't know. It's what we bisaya's people celebrate, and this year the T.Y.T Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Muhammad Salahuddin, came to the celebration. There are alots of activities that had been held for sure. These are the list of some of the activities:
  • P. Ratu Agak Babulang
  • P. Ratu Kebaya Badoro Bisaya
  • P. Panglima Babulang
  • P. Lumba Kerbau (B/K)
  • P. Lumba Perahu Kawalan Jauh (remote-control)
  • P. Bunga Hidup
  • P. Sukan Rakyat
  • P. Bintal Kalat
  • etc...
But the most shameful thing that I've done is that, I didn't go to all the occasion. I'd only go to some of the activities, it's just that I thought that there is no reason and benefit that I can get by going there. Quite boring for me, and I'm very sorry if I'd made a poker face or 'very-proud-face'. Actually, I really want other to understand. I didn't felt that I'm doing the right or correct what is the different between these... things. I just go there, standing, watching, if that there is nothing spectacular was going on. But was it spectacular? Still thinking about it though. Maybe. Or maybe at that time, I'm not in the right mood. It's very important don't you think so? Actually I'd consent a far-deep testimony. Maybe my opinion or view about the activity was disturbed entirely by the thinking that this-thing-is-very-annoying. Every year since my parent is actively involve with the race organization, although that we didn't show that we-are-tired expression, we are actually tired in the inside. Of course I didn't show to the other that 'oh-I'm-the-one-who-did-that'. Other may say that "hey, that people had never ever done anything to the community"... Whatever....who cares, what can I get? Nothing. At. All. I'm sad to admit it. 

But, to make the community known to the outsiders, why do we want to make a very using-money project or whatever... I’m not telling that we can’t, but the parents should do their path well. If all the community is well educated, with their degrees or diplomas, there will be no problem like 'no money lah', etc... Sikit2x minta bantuan from the authorities. Mun minta biasiswa tuk further their studies, that great! But what happened now is a disaster, cam mbo jama jati kan maju...Oh dear...I'm not telling that I'm 100% entirely perfect but I will do my best too. I’m still doing and making thing for the best. I’m still very young and my future is not confirm yet. Who knows what will happen to me next time. My faith. Only He knows for sure. But what happened this day, the people who want to try their best, going to further their studies, then other people look at them as a very annoyed-creature. If you got something better, then you can jerk other but if your condition is more pathetic than the one that your jerking at, it’s better that you don't say anything. What have they done? Maybe the students are stress, with a lots of things homework, theses, etc... So that is one of the reason why people don’t smile or ‘serve’ you. Think! Stress and hardship are normal condition in student's life. But that's the challenge that we should grab to go for a better life. No matter how many time you go for a motivation slots, without courage and discipline, the output is "nothing". Waste of energy. Again, I'm not telling that I'm 100% perfect!. I'm not but I'll try my best. I really hope that other will do the same, doing their path well. Think! If not further studies, think of other alternative. Maybe there are alots of other things, money-making things. For sure there are if you put courage in it.  Don't want to do hard things, try other. No sweat. Read books...Study. But if you're not hardworking enough, the output again is nothing at all. Urm...I guess that I'm a little bit of Naa... not that serious though, just been sharing my thought. No need to worry, I'm still normal. But am I normal? Still thinking. 

About the celebration. I'm on my own for most of the time. Again, the reason was I'm very lazy to serve the other. I don't know why. I don't have any topic to say, no jokes. So, it's better just stay myself among the people that i don't expect to know. I'm very bad. Don't you think so??? It was all cause by my mood and emotion problems. No doubt about it anymore. Okay, about the A-G-B 2010. My first sight, there are many camp, people, a stage, toilets, children, cars and motorcycles. That's my first eye-sight. The problem is, mainly, I can't see very well in the dark. I can't even know who are the creature in my diameter. Only when I'm under the light. Better. That was at night. Competitions, and presentations from the outsider, AF singer, Brunei's Dusun community, dancers, and the known-by-many Limbang's band, ASYIK. Did i spelled it right? Very adoring to see the presentation of them all. 

At the 5th June 2010, yesterday. As T.Y.T Negeri Sarawak came. The day, rained. In the morning, i'd been hopping that it would be windy. And it was windy before it rained. Lol... Then, for my 1st time, I was able to go to the camp to eat! Before, not even a chance. but this year,  I'm satisfied with my going-with-my-self. Alone...than I can do a lots of things. I went to the entire place, doing anything, etc... Very satisfied for sure. All right, these are some of the view that I saw with my own eyes...


Buffalo Race and the 'kuntul berhias'

The princess, Ratu Agak Babulang...

Different ways of decorating the camp by using 'bebadal', and the most important thing, the 'kelupis, wajid, nobo lupot, penyaram, pengasi, etc...'

'Penyarams' in the middle and 'kelupises'  ...

'ambuyat' with 'supit' a bisaya's chopstick...


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