Agaeti Blodhren, Argetlam, ebrithil, skulblaka...

lol...hahaha... What more can i say? ha? Alright, the meaning of the phrase,
"Atra guliä un ilian tauthr ono un atra ono waíse skölir fra rauthr."
is, "May luck and happiness follow you and may you be shield from misfortune". But I'm not that sure that it have that meaning or not. maybe the phrase don't even have meaning. Never mind. 

At last, I'd finished reading "ELDEST, Inheritance Book two, by Christopher Paolini". the story went great. Haha, i know that I'm quite not-up-to-date, the book had been first published in 2005. Five years ago. Oh dear. This is the synopsis.

When Eragon know that he is a rider and the blue stone that he founded in the Spine was a dragon that he named her Saphira, the Razac had search for him and had killed Eragon's beloved one. At that time, his brother Roran is not in Carvahall. So he didn't know what actually had happened and made a conclusions that Eragon's action of bringing back home the blue stone is the reason. Just as the Razac know that Roran had come back to Carvahall, they went to search for him. This had made a lots of chaos. Peoples dying, even Roran's to-be wife had been taken away by the razac. Meanwhile, different thing happened for Eragon. After the Du Weldenvarden had been attacked by the Empire/Galbatorix's Armies, and all the incident such as Eragon killed shades durza. This made him called as Eragon Shadeslayer. When this happened, Eragon's best friend, Morzan's son Murtagh  and the Twins had been taken away. All of them know that Galbatorix knew about the new rider. So they rushedEragon to learn in the Elves's Kingdom, Ellesmera. He was surprised to see the different culture the elves are in.  And he was in total shoked to know that there is another rider beside him and Galbatorix. He was Oromis.  When he was in the Elves's kingdom, he learned a lots of things. He also love Arya.  In his lesson, he suffered the back pain that had been caused by the shades. So, one day he joined the Agaeti blodhren. Something amazing happened. When he wake up, he felt very healthy for the first time. He didn't felt any pain anymore. When he look into the mirror, he was shoked. He changed into something else. Something that he had always wanted to be. He changed into elf. Then, one day he scryed into Nasuada's life to know what's he going on with the varden. Horrified,  found out that they are ready for a battle. Eragon was very angry and decided to fly to help the varden. then, something shocking happened. There were another rider. And when Eragon faught with him, he was shock to know that he was Murtagh. Who he thought had died killed by the urgal. Then more shocking realities went on. Then he knows that he too was Morzan's son. Second son. Younger brother to Murtagh. It was a great story. I'm up to read the third book. Brisingr. Can't wait to have it. Eu~


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