It's exam week....

Hi ! ... Know what? My mid-year exam had started and today is the 2nd day. Yeaterday it was BM and today it was English. When I think back about the test that i sit, I am still confused whether I'd done the correct or wrong things. Forget about it. In the exam hall which are the Samudra Hall, my sit number is no. 4. And it's quit weird though, because Toro was not around for two days. He was and is ill for the time being. So, the desk infront of me is empty. It's weird.

there are a lots of things happened, again i usually say that... these are the list of activities:

  • HAC - I received my PMR present

  • Balik Malam - I didn't go back home, because it was just a week since I came to school
  • NO water supply - I stayed at school
  • Mother's Day - I'm a very bad son. I forgot to phone my mom. i know she'll be really2x sad
Urm... That's all i guess. About my last post. Yup, that so 'emo' post. The problems, and about the 'creature'. I'm happy and I'm proud with my self that I'm a very astute student. I'd manage to endure my difficulties and problems. Thanks God for that forsure. I had manage to DELETE my memories about knowing that creature called "it". I'm happy that I realised that this is the Earth that I'm living in. Being human. Who knows what will happened next time. Isn't? For me now, it is just a bitter memory.

Apart from that, I aslo still have my exam for two weeks till the three weeks holiday. Oh i can't stand it. I'm trying very hard for the exam forsure. For as you know, my result last examination were a bit reckless. I'm up to get no FAILED this time. I'm going to try.

My friends, Myre, Aphelps, Jen and Gerold had bought 4 cute hamster. As they said that it is out Batch EDC's trademark. Quit funny. They bought the cages, food and etc... I would say that they are very hardworking on that. If I'm on their place, the mice must had died ages ago. Well i reckon these are enough for now. Eu~ 


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