chores to be done at home...

Morning! Oh dear, I woke up too early today. At 5.34am. It's holiday man!. When i wake up, take bath and etc... I also put my clothes on the sun. I'm glad that i don't have to wash them alone. Technology has save us human again! As usual, dad, mom, rev, and me went to a mass  at St. Edmund Church. Amazingly, the church is in renovating phase. Look like it will gonna change into something. I hope so. Then, after that we went to have our breakfast, for a very long time since i haven't eat pork!. Haha...I ate kolo mee just now. Delicious of course. But again, i didn't bring my A550 with me. big mistake...Aah..then i remember. just now my ex-teacher, Mdm A. told me or invite me to join the bible scripture contest miri diocese level. Oh dear, when dad told me, at first i really want to decline. Dearly, i felt sick of doing it to my teacher. but what am i doing? I was trapped to accept it. Pathetic!   

Alright, today i wanna talk about something urm...should i say it important? I think soo... Well it's about my grandma. She usually will eat mainly 4 times a day, but the problem is. She is loosing her weight! I'm sad to see her like that for sure. She's old, in her 70+s. So, just now i went to the supermarket to buy milk for her. She usually will drink milk every morning. But the milk is 'low fat' milk. So i searched for the 'with fat' milk that had brought me to shock phase. I can't find it. OR should i say, there is no such thing? a 'with fat' milk? Oh dear...As the conclusion, i bought an oat and nespray. haha.. I can't think for other milk. The 'for old people' milk, all of them got the 'reducing fat' or 'low fat', on their cover. So I bought the kid's milk which give over 8.6 fat per serving. I don't know what is the correct action. maybe I should bring her to the clinic instead? What do you think? I'll do this one later.

Then, when we reached home. Then i remembered about all my chores that 'is my usual work'. This is the list :
  • clean the fish aquarium,
  • clean the little tortoise aquarium,
  • clean the tortoise pond, 
All of them need me. "If I don't care about them, who will?". That will inspired me well. I don't want to demand the other to do it. I'd done my path well.  Don't you think so? So why the other don't? I don't want to know their 'whys' because there is something weird about them that i'll never want to discuss about.

Interesting, when i clean our tortoise pond, Crookshanks for his first time i guest, to see the tortoise. He made a 'oh-that-thing-is-moving' expression. He jumped into the pond and stared at the tortoise. Feeling amaze i suppose. But still, it seems like that he didn't notice that it was tortoise where he is putting his claw at. Haha...It was a breath-taking panorama...


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