For most of the time, we think that all things will be alright. But as an ordinary human, we can do wrong for one time, two times and so on. And maybe, it wouldn't stop. That is what we usually experience everyday in our bios. So, to live a good, harmony life we need help from others and they too for sure will need the same thing.

Two weeks ago, just as i had told you before that i had sit for my exam. And do you know what? I think that I'm not doing it that great. I only get 1A, 2A-, 1B+, 2C, 2D, and 3E. I failed for there subjects. There's no need to talk about it though, it's not important. The past had passed. Be strong and you'll be much stronger. Keep hold of your self. As usual. It just that I'm blaming myself that I'm not serious in answering my exam and I'm not believing myself. I don't have faith in myself. Even before the exam started, i already thought that the 'others' were smarter than me and so, I thought that I'm just a piece of garbage. Quite 'emo' isn't haha. Naaa... 'd never thought about it though.

This weekend, as you know that I'm at home for just 1 day 2 nights. 1st of all, I'm sad, surprised, astonished for what had happened to my fishes, Minami and Minoru. They died a week ago, inside the aquarium after a night without electricity=means that there was no oxygen supplier. But thanks goodness that my Kawai an MrSuckerfish didn't died too. To replace my pathetic fishes, my mom bought me a new fish under the species "ikan sepat siam". At first, I laughed to see the fish behavior. I think that it felt weird being in a very clear water for it lived in a river before. Haha...my mom bought it at the Tamu Limbang last Friday. But I missed my Minoru and Minami.


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