morning to my wonderful life....

Just came back from the restaurant. it's something usual for my family, these are the schedule:

7.00am : mass
7.40am : have breakfast at the restaurant/coffee shop...
8.30am : go back home
9.00am : do other works...(now)

And my menu for breakfast today were, Laksa Sarawak with Teh C Special... urm, yummy isn't? Oh and it's too bad that i forgot to bring along my camera. And do you know what? The laksa was more than enough for me.It was too many, the bowl was large. Today is my 5th day being at home and is the last 3 day for me to be at wonderful life. I'm going to miss you again dear...

But as usual, life must go on. and it'll never stop. And just as we think to live in the life that all things happened according to your own desires, things just can't get any better. When we want this, and we get it. But then, for sure we want many other things too. We can't stop being demanding. Ask for more without feeling grateful. That is how we usually do.

Sometimes as a student, we usually feel ashamed to be good. People called you 'nerd', 'noob' etc... But why do we have to be ashamed??? I'm not telling that I'm totally a good person but my question is 'Why?". Do you ever think about it? For there are people saying,"I'm good for my father in heaven is good".

Nowadays, all of us know that there are a lots of cases involving the family institution. Or familiarly known as "killing newborn babies", "abortion", etc... Recently, I had read a lots of news / articles about this. Why do these happened? It just inspired me to ask "don't they go to school before" or "don't their teacher filled them with moral values?".etc... but for sure we can't blame others for their wrong doing isn't? But, if we think deeply into the cases, it can make us cry. They are killing their own child, son, daughter. I do felt very unhappy. For because of their wrong doing, the innocent one have to suffer without any reason they have to feel the pain. It's touching isn't. For me they are. But i don't know whether you'll find it the same as I'm.

As a child, son. I do felt grateful to have a parent, dad and mom that will never kill their own children and as a result their children are still living healthily in this wonderful life.

me : I love you dad, mom! muah

So if you think that as a child that you're still breathing, urm i guess you should go and find your dad and mom or phone them to say "143 dad, mom. Thanks for everything!".


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