always think in a positive way, goodbye to wonderful life

urm... i guess that this will be the end of this 'short period' vacation. I'd been telling myself the same things, "be strong". And as the result, they do really help me for more than 3 years. It's incredibly more like a magic to me. On how I'd endure all the difficulties that I'd been going through. To all that had experienced the same things, they'll know what I meant. And, when you think back on it, sometime you'll feel that you miss them. The hardship, difficulties, ect... of our bios. Is it norm? Of course, when if it is compared with the sweet memories, they are something that we don't want to experience for the second time. That's for sure. But i guess, it is not wise to think back about the bad things. It's unthoughtful. Yes, and that will make us missing the experiences..

Tomorrow, I'll be going back to my school. So, my schedule for today is :

  • Packing
  • Buy things
  • Study for exam oh no!!!
  • etc...
But I guess, I have done none of them. But don't worry for I'm going to do it later. So again, I guess that this will be my last post for this "short vacation". To all SMSL's students, GOOD LUCK for your examination. Haha, including me too. Lastly, say goodbye to my wonderful life....:P


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