Another Cruel Reality...

"Say cheese!" that's what they asked me to say. Taking pictures of me. What is it for? It's weird isn't? I think that something is going on. "something" is = deil is getting older today". I just can't believe it.

So here is the testimony,
"In the last 16 year ago a child was born on the 27th February, where? In Limbang District Hospital. He was named as D.D.D. Haha...

It's sound either funny or weird to me. It is another cruel reality of our bio. I think that getting older, with changes in our bio's style, the way we conduct our bio. It's changing and will never stop. That's what I think about it.

But, for sure;
"Happy Birthday to DEIL @ ME" lol...

First of all,
I hope that you'll smile always,
Keep healthy all the time,
Don't be stress bcause that's our bio's style,
Keep on thinking positive all the time,
And always remember GOD,
Give thanks to him,
"Thanks Lord for everything"
Either good or bad phenomena.
Again, Happy 16th Birthday to Deil @ Me...


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